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"Let’s make soup!" Says cooper. Our friends are getting their restaurant ready this morning!



Frank Lloyd Wright (American, 1867-1959)

Rose Pauson House, Phoenix, Arizona, 1939-1941

The Rose Pauson House is one of many tragic losses in Frank Lloyd Wright’s career. Despite taking nearly 3 years to design and build, the house lasted only 1 year. It burned in a catastrophic fire in 1943.

After the fire, the stone ruins persisted on the prominent Phoenix hillsite for over 30 years. Covered in tags, the area was called “Ship Rock.” The ultimate desecration of the site occurred when the ruins were moved to a nearby housing development to become the entrance sign for “Alta Vista Estates” (bottom photo).

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Study Mode

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Color Study of The Desert Sky | L’Atelier Cordulia

The desert is sickkkk

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Check it out! New Tacocat video for their anti-street-harassment anthem “Hey Girl,” off the new record NVM (out now)!

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